POWER swelling tape adhesive

article number 010052

Accessories for hydrophilic waterstops

Cartridge 310 ml

high-pressure adhesive

1 cartridge = approx. 8 m

single-component solvent-free sealant for bonding of MASTERSTOP and FLOWSTOP swelling tapes.

The POWER version is a high-pressure adhesive.

Usage: 40 – 50 ml/m

Application: for dry and moist substrates

suitable for damp substrates


available in large quantities

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article number:
customs tariff number:
packing unit:
sales quantity unit:
1 Kt
weight per:
ct = 0.5 kg

 silane-terminated polymers (hybrid)


 pasty, stable


approx.  8 m / cartridge
ca. 40 - 50 ml/m

setting time:

approx. 8 h. at + 20 °C


cartridges of 310 ml each
 20 cartridges per carton

adhesion :

excellent primerless adhesion on numerous substrates – even when exposed to water
(moist, flat-lustrous substrates) f.ex concrete, steel, stone, PVC hard, PVC smoothe e.t.c.


for dry as well as moist substrates

minimum durability :

12 months after production

thermal scope of application:
+ 5 °C up to + 45 °C
Store in undamaged and unopened original packaging in a dry place out of direct sunlight.
Already cured material can be disposed of with the domestic or commercial waste Unused material (fluid, paste-like) is to be disposed
of as hazardous waste.

POWER SWELLING TAPE ADHESIVE installation situation flowstop

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POWER SWELLING TAPE ADHESIVE installation situation bentonite swelling tape

Download DWG

Download PDF


suitable accessories

Applicator gun for 310 ml cartridge

professional cartridge gun with aluminium casing, hardened coupling and push rod ...

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