MMF 140 Adhesive tape

article number 080649

MASTER-MultiFlex MMF 140

for bonding the joint
Width 75 mm,
Roll length 3 m

available in large quantities

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The most important information at a glance

article number:
customs tariff number:
packing unit:
sales quantity unit:
1 Rolle
weight per:
Roll = 0.45 kg


roll length:

3 m

width of roll:

75 mm

Store in undamaged and unopened
original packaging in a dry place out of direct sunlight.
Can be disposed of at municipal waste landfill sites, taking into account the local waste disposal regulations.

Each carton contains 1 roll of MASTER-MultiFlex (MMF 140) and mounting brackets.

MASTER-MultiFlex (MMF 140) is placed on the upper reinforcement layer in the centre of the rising wall.
Place the mounting brackets (2 pcs/m), over the joint tape and fix them with binding wire to the upper reinforcement layer.
The embedment depth in the concrete must be at least 3 cm.
A white marking strip is provided on the MASTER MultiFlex (MMF 140) to check the embedment depth.

The MASTER-MultiFlex (MMF 140) can be cut to length easily with a cutter.

Due to its material properties, the MASTER-MultiFlex (MMF 140) is stable/ non-sagging but still very flexible.
All common geometries can be made.

Closed MASTER-MultiFlex (MMF 140) system.

Bonding options:

For the welding process, the swelling profile can remain in the MASTER MuiltiFlex (MMF 140).
The corrugations of the MASTER-MultiFlex (MMF 140) ends to be joined fit into one another (peak into trough).

A hot air gun is used to weld the joint tapes together, one below
the other, with an overlap of 15 cm.

Adhesive join:

Mark an area of 75 mm on the ends being joined.

Grind down the corrugations in the bonding area with a grinding disk.
The swelling profile remains in the MASTER-MultiFlex (MMF 140).
Make sure that the smooth flanks on both side of the swelling profile are not ground away.

Prepared ends before bonding.
Surfaces free from interfering profile and visible soiling.

Apply the MMF 140 adhesive tape (width 75 mm), from the MMF
140 adhesive joining kit
, on one side of Master-Multiflex (MMF 140) and remove the backing.

Press both ends, one prepared with MMF 140 adhesive tape, one without adhesive tape, together and bond them.

The join area must be secured with the MMF 140 fixing clip.

Secured joint tape with bonded joint.

Screwed connection:

The connection of two MASTER-MultiFlex (MMF 140) ends can also be made quickly and securely with an MMF 140 MASTERConnect "active".

The two ends of MASTER-MuiltiFlex (MMF 140) are - without prior processings - inserted into the MMF 140 MASTER-Connect „active“ on the left and right up to the screws, the screws are tightened to approximately 8 Nm.

Secured joint tape with MMF 140 MASTER-Connect „active“

Connection of SRF 125 crack-inducing profiles:

Use a grinding wheel to grind down the corrugation in the area in
which you wish to attacheon the crack-inducing profile.
The area to be ground must have a size of at least 160 x 75 mm.

Apply the MMF 140 adhesive tape on the prepared surface. Remove the backing before bonding with the crack-inducing profile.

Bond the crack-inducing profile with the prepared surface of MASTER-MultiFlex (MMF 140) on the water-facing side.
The bonding area must additionally be secured with 2 fixing clips.

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